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Fantasy, MMO'[Avoid playing in Internet explorer/Edge due to Web GL compability and laggy issues] Code Red is an action platformer where you take control of an specimen that has escaped out of his containment chamber needing something, nourish yourself with human flesh while your mind is stormed with the need of reaching a room.Game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 37 game jam, top 83 out of 1700 entries, we’ve added fixes in the following days due to feedback.Choose one of three races and lead your people through the Land of Giants.Battle through dozens of unique levels with different goals and gameplays, never seen before in previous games.Win blueprints and build new modules from them to unlock new abilities. Fighting, MMO, Robot'Amazing journey to the scary world full of of the living dead. Shooting, Zombie, Survival, Car'Khan Wars is a competitive strategy game with an exciting balance of an immersive medieval world and in-depth combat.A lot of evil zombies, cool weapon, car, hidden secrets is waiting for you in this bloody city. Construct buildings, recruit soldiers, trade with other players, and battle for new territory; it’s a browser game with millions of players awaiting your influence.Strategy, War, Tactical, RTS'Apple Worm is an addictive logical puzzle game based on the Snake-like game mechanic (not the traditional snake).Bend your worm into impossible positions to get to the apple!

But there are other dangers that also inhabit the world... Use all your evilitude ruin these poor fella's day and establish yourself as the baddest of all the badasses in your corner of the fiery pit of hell.

Upgrade suits and collect different items and help Blast become the baddest looking hero there is.

Be sure to ask a friend to help you defeat these bosses as we also have included an option to enable 2nd player to join you on defeating bosses.

Fight for each port and kill them in the lair (Graveyard of ships).

Features of the game: - dynamic tower defence ganre - 6 lines of attack\defence - 6 kinds of ships and monsters - system of stars-and-upgrades - 24 different levels - special abilities: 1) saving sailors ( coins), 2) turning the ships to broadside (attack x2), 3) shooting from fortress gun Charge the gun and fight!

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