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Apparently the vac lets you choose between two different settings: Kirstie Alley annnnnnnd Kate Moss. the world's tallest building -- put on the world's BIGGEST fireworks display to ring in -- WHAT ELSE? CLIP- BURJ KHALIFA FIREWORKS Pretty darn breathtaking am I right?! Hopefully this breaks the streak - if not, I'll just blame Canada.

Remember the VERY first time you rode an escalator? Anyhow, they're second nature to MOST of us, but NOOOOOOT to the good people of Uzbekistan, where escalators are JUST being introduced in public buildings... (laughs) So I'M thinking helmets need to be made mandatory. I can't imagine what people who have trouble riding escalators would make of THIS. Annnnnnnnd, we'll cap things off with a BANG in Dubai... If you like board games AND video games, I've got the best of both worlds for you: Skyrim Monopoly.

He's even put together "chance" and "community chest" cards, and printable "coins" to replace the paper money. Now get ready, because Capcom has hit us with 5 minutes of kick-ass action from the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - and the results will get into your very soul!

I don't know whether that freaked me right the hell out, or wish that it was March so I'd already be playing it. Now for this week's review - the triumphant return of NFL Blitz for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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