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It's not every day you find yourself talking about sex with a chatbot named Ci Ci.

But that's exactly the situation I found myself in a couple of weeks ago.

So I decided to outsource the task to a friend, who had me ask Ci Ci a question about condoms.

Despite calls for the sector to be more innovative, our field is a late adopter of new technologies.Ci Ci's response was sweet: "You can't put a price on true friendship." What may sound like a simple exchange was actually a remarkable experience.Ci Ci was capable of being simultaneously educational personable.People want their questions about impact and an organization’s financials answered as soon as they ask them, rather than having to dig around its website, where they may or may not find what they're looking for.Because they are perfectly suited to giving people the information they want quickly and efficiently, chatbots are poised to usher in a new era of transparency — and the trust it engenders. Typically built around a set of burdensome rules and often outdated assumptions, bureaucratic processes are a perfect place for using bots.

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