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Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Colorado recently struck down bans on the sales of sex toys. remains a little more modest compared to the rest of the world -- when it comes to purchasing those products.

(Although it remains illegal in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Kansas.) And the recession actually led to an uptick in sex toy sales. China produces 70 percent of the world's sex toys, which brings the country an annual revenue of around billion.

Green Star supplied electricity for one month, costing about £36, but collected a direct debit for £124.

I also paid £153 when the company assured me it had supplied gas too. Green Star Energy confirmed to me that it took over as your supplier on August 27, 2015.

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This is the workaday of 24-year-old Nat Garvey, reports , a British woman who tests out all the sex toys for Passion, a retailer of adult toys, lingerie, and according to its website, "fetish equipment." Garvey purportedly has personally sampled over 1,000 of the toys that the store has considered stocking, and sends out her reviews in weekly reports.

Then there was a fresh bill showing a credit of £40, but no refund.

Not surprisingly, you and your wife wound up the estate and distributed bequests without waiting for Scottish Power to sort itself out.

A few months later, my wife, who is the executrix, received a bill for £45, followed by one for £50, and later an estimated bill, and a year later a debt collection demand for £55, all for electricity.

Forgive me for summarising your letter, which goes on to explain how Scottish Power put the deceased’s account into your wife’s name and then wrote to her at her late father’s address, rather than to your own home.

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