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Also, in 2006, there were roughly 13 cases of gonorrhea per 100,000 .That was a slight decrease from the abovementioned 39.1 per 1,000 in 2009 and 41.5 per 1,000 in 2008, and a major decrease from 61.8 per 1,000 back in 1991. In other words, the does not mean that it is a bastion of social conservatism by any means.But while Rick Santorum would no doubt view Amsterdam and Rotterdam as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, the reality is that all that sexual openness is having positive results in the Netherlands.Sociologist Amy Schalet (author of And the data bears that out.All of them make a strong case for social liberalism and sexual openness.

Countries that embrace many of the things social conservatives detest (comprehensive sex education, pro-gay legislation, nude or topless beaches, legal or decriminalized prostitution, adult entertainment) tend to be countries that havesexual dysfunction than the United States, not more.But many Spaniards agree that the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions is through easier access to contraception and more sexual information, not less.And a climate of sexual openness appears to be keeping Spain’s teen pregnancy rates relatively low.High-priced Spanish call girls, meanwhile, work in much better conditions, often make 300 euros an hour and typically don’t have chulos (pimps); most Spaniards have no problem with that type of consensual, pimp-free prostitution but are happy to see sexual predators (including pimps and child pornographers) locked up.And Spanish law enforcement essentially has the right idea: Go after pimps, violent sex traffickers and child pornographers aggressively, while being tolerant of consensual adult porn and consensual adult prostitution. In France’s public schools, the types of abstinence-only sex-ed programs that America’s Christian Right has promoted (especially in Bible Belt states) are unheard of; France’s public schools make sure that French youths learn everything they need to know about sex, and that includes proper use of contraceptives. has also reported that in 2008, France had an abortion rate of in 2008 (rather than the ’ 19.6 per 1,000 that year).

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