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A network of self-help groups for people with alcohol issues; groups are situated in a number of locations throughout southern Tasmania; time and location information is available over the phone, online or refer to the Community Noticeboard listing in the daily newspaper.

Provides an eight week residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and a day program rehabilitation centre for men and women over the age of 18; community Treatment programs are provided for individuals and families; runs a ‘place-of-safety’ unit operating 24 hours a day which is accessible through the Tasmanian Police Service; a Smart Recovery program operates from The Bridge as well.

Initially dubbed "Bigots Island" by international media due to intense social and political hostility to LGBT rights up until the late 1990s, Tasmania imposed the harshest penalties in the Western world for homosexual activity until 1997, when it was the last Australian jurisdiction to decriminalise homosexuality after a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the passage of federal sexual privacy legislation and a High Court challenge to the state anti-homosexuality law.

Sodomy was originally outlawed throughout the island from the time of British settlement.

Provides magistrates with an option to divert offenders into treatment for their drug use through either the bail or sentencing process; three ways diversion into drug treatment can occur -conditions can be attached to a bail order, conditions can be attached to a community based order, or through a drug treatment order where a Magistrate will continually review offender progress.

A national resource centre with up-to-date information about alcohol and other drugs; also offers training, support and referrals for family members; provides information, resources, brochures and factsheets, education, training and professional development in relation to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as well as addictions, health promotion and prevention strategies.

Ages 12 to 25; a free service that offers information, education and counselling to young people as well as their family members and friends; also provides community education including workshops in schools; outreach to the Northern Suburbs, Brighton and Derwent Valley areas.

Many of these substances and behaviours are enjoyed at manageable levels by the general population.Provides information about HIV and support for men who have sex with men; promotes sexual health awareness and support for people living with HIV and their networks; provides information about hepatitis prevention and care.Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the Australian state of Tasmania have most of the same rights as other Tasmanians under state law, but Australian federal law reserves marriage to mixed-sex couples.On 14 November 1995, Nick Toonen and his then-partner Rodney Croome applied to the High Court of Australia for a ruling that Tasmania's anti-gay laws were constitutionally overriden by the Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act 1994 and therefore invalid.The case was taken by Alan Goldberg QC, who provided his services pro bono after Croome and Toonen were denied legal aid to mount the case despite fulfilling the criteria for funding as a public interest test case.

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