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And Kyle, sleeping with your body pointed north......uh, that one threw me off when i heard it, but on a t-shirt that had the taboo on it, it had a picture of someone laying on there back with there head looking straight up.....=PAnd i agree with Uji, there USE TO BE a time that here in the States where the younger genereation were taught things like respsect your elders, take-care/respect things like books/our flag, and to not waste food.But now a days the younger generation (my generation -.-) has pretty much gone to hell in a handbasket...really has to be the worst generation when it comes to respect and values......blegh....... hahaha XDAnywaysssssss, thanks agian for all the response (i learned some new things, yay!Actually, it's more about getting completely sloshed by getting your hands on any booze still available before Systembolaget bolts up (don't forget to observe number one and five in this list).Not a time to start your period of sobriety in other words.) and how it keeps overall alcohol consumption down (which anyone who's ever been to a Swedish party would sincerely question, see number six below).Forget having your own car, summer house or private island.I've searched, and can't find anything else other then the same old ones that i already know.....Like standing my chopsticks up in rice, pointing with my chopsticks, sleeping with my head/body north....

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I can add to Chopsticks its not really taboo but proper manners that when your finnished eating you should leave you Chopsticks pointing to the left. For children: books are for reading; they are not toys. What gives..."Historically, food was scarce, people didn't have enough to eat, there were famines so food is respected and not wasted. Non-Japanese may not understand the depth of these beliefs.Owning your own washing machine is a sign you have really made it in Sweden.Until then you'll have to wash your underwear in the tvättstuga (laundry room) and contend with all manners of bitchy passive aggressive notes from your neighbours, whom you otherwise never speak to. About time you wrote your own laundry room note (tvättstugelapp) then! Any time there's a toast you must make eye contact with practically every single person at the table before you take a sip.Sweden's state-owned alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget is untouchable.Don't challenge it, or your Swedish partner and friends will launch into a tirade about how the selection of wines is really good, how knowledgeable the staff are, how it's really not all that expensive (ha!

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