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because it’s on Netflix now, and I’m like “Oh my god, it’s my dad!” I think one of the wonderful things about this series is that they’ve made it appeal to other age groups, so hopefully it’ll be able to cement itself in the new wave of Australian television. Just before the film version came out, there was a bit of uneasiness about what nationality the invaders of Australia would be depicted as. I think because we don’t attach one single nationality to it…That’s why I think that James Stewart [who plays an army colonel] is such a phenomenal character.In this version of the story there’s kind of a love triangle between Robyn, Lee and Ellie which is intriguing.Is this series going to be like Given that they’re at war, there is a crazy amount of relationship drama.I was super excited because in the books, Robyn and Lee was never a story.

Robyn, who is the moral compass of the groups, says: “They have their reasons for invading. I don’t think that nationality is informing the way that they behave.Some even have nicknames."Twitter blew up as viewers turned to social media to blast the host whose views one called "disturbing".Sex In Class follows Geodele, who is now a United Nations goodwill ambassador for sexual health, at an Accrington school which takes part in her revolutionary sex education classes.13 pupils were filmed for the Channel 4 documentary where they were given homework assignments ranging from examining their vaginas for girls and shaving their pubic hair for boys.It’s really fun and the three of us had this great chemistry that made for a good fiery relationship. That’s what I love about the series, one minute we’re all making bombs and the next second we’re fighting over gets to date Lee.The 55-year-old TV presenter looked very uncomfortable while sat opposite sexologist Goedele Liekens today.

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