Sexbot chat scam

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As this transaction relies on a trust trade, player B could simply take player A's payment and log out.The money-doubling scam is one of the most popular scams in Rune Scape, and can often be seen being performed at populated areas such as the Grand Exchange, particularly on trading worlds.

"Testing" the doubler is a risky process even with small amount of money due to the fact that some people intentionally ask doublers for a test and take the doubled 'test money'.

Example of a transaction: Player 1: Offering Dung leeching service!

Player 1: You just have to afk and have your dung exp! Player 1: 1m Player 1 and Player 2 trade Player 2 offers 1m Player 1 and Player 2 both accepted trade, Player 1 leaves or logs off, leaving Player 2 behind Suggested actions: Don't accept such service if you don't trust the service provider.

A trust trade occurs when a victim gives a scammer money or an item, trusting that the scammer will then return the favour, either by providing a service or by giving the victim a greater amount of money or a more valuable item.

Instead, however, the scammer simply takes the victim's money and leaves.

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