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Echo has a comparatively small audience when pitted against chat apps; it’s only expected to be in 14 million homes by the end of 2017.But its ecosystem already includes over 3,000 “skills” (Amazon’s term for Alexa-based apps), with a variety of news companies building experiences for the platform — and with good reason: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reports that while music listening is the biggest driver for early adoption of the Echo, seeking “information” is the second most popular activity — with more than 30 percent of users doing so.Peter Hamby left CNN in 2015 to become Snapchat’s head of news, but his role soon transitioned to focus on “Good Luck America,” a Discover show he hosts exploring different facets of American politics.

Snapchat’s massive millennial audience positioned it to have a major potential impact on turnout among younger voters.We’re now in the middle of the weirdest election I’ve ever seen.Let me show you the people and places that really matter.NBC News launched an Amazon Echo “Decision 2016” skill in March that could share headlines, candidate bios, an election calendar, delegate counts, polling data, primary results and trivia.In a playful demo video, NBC News depicted a user asking Alexa “Who should I vote for?

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