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Because you have to be over 18 to have a credit card, it’s fool proof in that respect.But we know that credit cards could be used fraudulently to age verify (for example a child “borrowing” their parent’s card).All the operators subscribe to a Code of Practice for the self-regulation of new forms of content on mobiles (which can be found here).O2’s internet filter is aligned to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) framework.To Age Verify go to https://ageverification.o2uk (web), or call 61018 (IVR).

Q: Why does O2 prevent children accessing sites that offer anonymising services?This is because anonymiser websites bypass the 18 site filters we have in place.If a child were to use an anonymiser site, they could potentially access 18 rated websites.(Updated 28 October 2013) Q: What else are you doing to protect children?A: We have a “Parental Controls” setting, which restricts mobile access to a limited number of websites approved for younger children.

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