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The road to Mineral King branches off from Highway 198 about 4 miles past Three Rivers at Hammond junction.The Kaweah Commonwealth is a weekly newpaper published in Three Rivers and provides information about local activities, current events in the national parks, road conditions and closures, and human interest articles about the history and culture of the surrounding area.The Mineral King webcam image is taken from Potato Patch Ridge at an elevation of 7,830 feet.The National Park Service is greatfully acknowledged for hosting this webcam.Greater detail about the Visitors to the Mineral King area must bring virtually all their food and camping supplies with them since there are no commercial services available.The National Park Service operates campgrounds at Cold Springs (centrally located in the valley) and at Atwell Mill (about 6 miles down the road from the historic Mineral King community).

The narrow valley is approximately two miles in length and rises from an elevation of 7,400 feet at Faculty Flat to more than 7,800 feet at the end of the road.

Because of the mining interests, the valley was excluded when Sequoia National Park was created in 1890.

In the decades that followed, mining and prospecting declined and other commercial interests began to take aim at developing this pristine area of the Western Sierra.

All the webcams and the meteorological station obtain power from solar panels that store energy in batteries.

Webcam pictures are obtained several times each day throughout the year depending on solar power availability (see "Picture Schedule" in the Special Features Menu).

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