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Since they all pull from the same database that pulls from they are all the same.

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I have tons of respect for anyone who's passionate about their niche market and Paul is definitely doing that! Properties by Manny - for some amazing Vancouver information? not only great project information, but we love his word-of-the-day... Andrew Lafleur's site: Original content, updated frequently.

Bad behavior makes Chat less fun for everyone, so let's avoid the following: Spamming Threats Insulting others Trolling Off-topic posts Okay. So what happens if you engage in any of these bad behaviors? Refreshing change of pace from realtors who wax poetic about each and every new developmentand balk at criticizing developers (especially the larger ones). LOL we were JUST discussing this same topic on Facebook - Barry Lebow (real estate veteran from Toronto) asked the same question and there are like 20 responses. We appreciate the early feedback - we're hoping to have it ready to fire in the next week or so but have been getting great feedback during our "soft" launch. webtechdezine template site that has a lot of SEO done)4. ^ I never really bothered with listings on my site....

Which brings me to the next site: single most brutally honest realtor blog in existence and getting more brutal with each post. don't frequent too many realtor sites because most of them are templated sites that aren't touched - nothing new and nothing useful on those sites that I can't get elsewhere - but these are a few that I frequent.

I do agree with Moo, that the US sites (as shown above) offer a lot more information and usability than for listings. I'd say I prefer Blogs over Listing sites for most of the reasons stated above!

Symmetry said: He meant having the address of the listing within the url as the website. I mean if I am listing a condo at 1005 King West #710 then I would make example - and then have an online brochure for that listing that would be advertised on MLS, Print Marketing, our own website etc. Thanks to all who mentioned my own (Savel though I DON'T think my Savel Sells one is all that awesome...

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