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His search led him to the website for the Henry County Report, a small community newspaper that had listed the full name, e-mail and home address of every single Ashley Madison user in the state.

The site was dominated by posts about the leak, topped with tabloid headlines like “cheaters revealed!

Slabbed, a site which describes itself as “alternative new media for the Gulf South” posted links to downloadable files of users in Louisiana and Mississippi, sorting them by zipcode.

A Twitter user named @Kentucky AMleak tweeted the names of local users, tagging their employers in the tweets when possible.

This is a two part poll for those who have experience trying to access hormones and or top/bottom surgery.

The purpose of the poll is to collect some quick community data for my Med X Ed presentation on the informed consent vs World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care, and it will remain open until Thursday (24th).

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(The account was quickly suspended.) The internet has turned the world into a small community, a place where anybody anywhere can be propped up in the town square and issued a sentence of public shame.

But in actual small communities, shame goes viral, too.

Last week, Jim* Googled the phrase “list of names on Ashley Madison.” A resident of rural Alabama, Jim had been using the infidelity dating site for three years to cheat on his wife.

Now he wanted to know how much of his information was out there, floating around on the open web.

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