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A really popular one at that time was Phpfox (from phpfox.com), which most people thought was alright.Well, I decided to invest in Phpfox and try out their social networking 6 months package (with extras) for 0.Here we publish ABK clients’ reviews (Chameleon, Oryx, Business Space etc.) with contact details (you may contact the client in order to find out some details).Also we try to publish the exact site URL of the client so that you can always check this or that review.

I paid under 0 for all of this and am NEVER looking back.I tried contacting support but they literally wouldn't answer my questions and concerns.After the 2 weeks I requested a full refund from the company, and after 1 week of waiting for a reply, they finally emailed back and said that I was not entitled to a refund.Just switch the features on and off and change the site! Let's just say that the profits I'm turning over from my site have already covered the costs I paid for this software (and all of the software I've bought for the past year) . Im not a fan of buying links for my regular site but I am considering putting up a second site and just using bought links for it..

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