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"What we really wanted to gauge is whether the opportunity for it to grow was out there."Kavovit, a former child actor who starred in the daytime soap As The World Turns, and his wife, Jennifer, are home-schooling Kiowa and her brother, Cash, 4, spending half the year in Los Angeles and the other half in Florida.Years ago, Kavovit got the tinkering bug; he says his latest invention is called Leave Up Lites, a system of exterior home LED lights that can be programmed to change colors with the holiday season.

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If any of those business ideas are a success, "it will just give them more freedom in their lives later."As for Kiowa, she insists she's brimming with ideas for more new products, "and so is my brother." The 7-year-old pauses.Andy Kavovit thought a Tank appearance would offer his daughter's liquid-bandage idea the best shot at an injection of marketing buzz and the investment needed to further develop the company's patents.He and Kiowa asked the show's panelists for 0,000 in exchange for 17.5% of the company."There are other similar products out there, but most aren't aimed at the consumer market," he says.Kiowa Kavovit, 7, is the youngest inventor to dive into ABC's Shark Tank, which invites entrepreneurs to pitch a panel of potential investors — including maverick billionaire Mark Cuban — in the hopes they bite. Boo Boo Goo comes in a range of colors — including, of course, pink."It's much prettier than a bandage," says Kavovit, who was 4 when she came up with the idea and 6 when she taped the show last year.She calls the experience of presenting to the "sharks," along with her father, Andy, "a little scary."The results of Kavovit's presentation can't be spoiled here, but her pint-sized presence on the show, standing on a stool so she can be seen, makes the prospect of a new generation of American innovators loom large.

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