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It is indeed a grave violation of human rights of female sex workers. Rather, it is a public health as well as legal issue that should be dealt with not only by health care providers but also by lawyers, public health advocates, police and government.Although national and international non-government organizations might influence national policies and plans, Government needs to focus on these vulnerable groups through specifically designed interventions.Don TANGAIL, Bangladesh (Reuters) – Their faces painted heavy with make-up, teenage girls in short, tight blouses and long petticoats loiter in squalid alleys, laughing and gesturing to potential clients who roam Tangail town’s infamous red light area in the early evening. cents), the need to attract as many customers as possible is desperate — prompting a rising, yet dangerous, trend of steroid abuse among adolescent sex workers to “enhance” their appearance.“There is a huge difference between my appearance now and the malnourished look of my childhood,” says Hashi, 17, who was lured into the sex trade by a trafficker when she was 10 and sold to Kandapara’s brothel, where she began taking steroids.There is no shortage of men looking for “company” in Kandapara slum, a labyrinth of tiny lanes — lined cheek-by-jowl with corrugated iron shacks — a few hours drive northeast of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. Hashi is one of around 900 sex workers — some as young as 12 — living a painful life of exploitation in Kandapara, not only bonded by debt and fear of stigma, but compelled to take the steroid, Oradexon, which brings more income but leaves dangerous side effects. If I don’t get any customers one day, I cannot eat in the next day.

The correspondent spoke to the workers and documented the everyday life of these women, also managing a rare interview with a client and why he visits the place.Girls as young as eight are working as sex workers in Daulatdia, and many of them are sex slaves.Some of them have been sold by their husbands to brothels for money, many are independent, and serve 10-12 men at one go.Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries in the world where sex work is legal, but completely unregulated.Daulatdia is one such area where sex work happens openly.

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