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JEAN-MARC: On one Minitel I was a 56-year-old woman, on another I was a 35-year-old woman named Brigitte, and on the other I was a 19-year-old bisexual student.

CARLA: Unsurprisingly, the 19-year-old bisexual was far and away the most popular.

There was a great view of Paris from the office building he worked in, and it was quiet. JEAN-MARC: I ate beforehand, because it was hard to eat when you’re on four Minitels at once. I think I filled up a bottle of water, I’d turn on the Minitels and log onto the forums, and then I was off for the whole night…

I think I started around , and I would leave around five or six AM to go sleep.

It’s no secret that I play a lot of online scrabble and often with strangers. If you ever dared venture into the “Join Table” section to peruse the games on offer from other players, it was just a little like putting your carkeys in a bowl at a swinger’s party.

In both cases, they evenly matched me as players, took their turns in a timely manner, saw the games through to completion and never once tried to engage me in sordid scrabble sex talk. “Now, hang on a minute, NDM,” I can hear Those People asking. For those who haven’t and/or don’t, Scrabulous was a popular version of the Scrabble format with a user-friendly interface and an extremely seedy underbelly.

But Jean Marc was insistent on subverting expectations.

JEAN-MARC: I liked refusing to only be blonde girls with giant breasts.

But what the Minitel lacked, crucially, was a feature so integral to today’s internet that sometimes we don’t even notice it. So not long after its release – a teenager who was never identified, as the story goes – hacked the Minitel and added a messaging feature. And since they liked it, usage of the Minitel increased. So France Telecom integrated chatrooms into the Minitel’s design.They were called Minitel rose – French for “Pink Minitel”.[AD SOUNDS, A WOMAN SPEAKING IN FRENCH] CARLA: This is a TV ad for a chat room called Le Diable au Corps, or “The Devil Inside.” It’s just a still photo of a woman looking suggestively over her shoulder, and the phone number for the server. JEAN-MARC MANACH: My name is Jean Marc Manach, when I was a student, to pay my bills, I used to tell people I was a beautiful girl on Minitel CARLA: Jean Marc, as you can probably tell, is a man.Jean Marc worked on the seventeenth floor of a tall building in Paris.During the daytime, the room would be full of animatrices – fifteen or twenty at a time. Jean Marc preferred to work nights, when he was often alone. Jean Marc’s English isn’t great, so we did the rest of the interview in French.

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