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Always have set ground rules or safety boundaries for a blind date These could include not going anywhere else with this person until you know him, not leaving the restaurant or public place with him, and not agreeing to go anywhere "more private". When your evening is over, don't allow your date to walk you to your car, and don't share a taxi with him Harrington warns that if a predator knows the two of you are going to share a taxi, he can slip something into your drink before you leave a bar.

I have just got to thank one individual who is next to me the whole time I am running down that road. If you look at it from the perspective of the able sighted brother, then things are not as rosy. He doesn't even get any respect from anyone, or receive credit for anything he has done for the blind brother.

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Then, once you are out of your date's sight, notify a member of staff, explain that you're not feeling well and ask them to call you a taxi - and to wait with you until it arrives.6.This means you get to read their history, who they are and who their friends are."Start the research as soon as you get a 'yes' message from Tinder or one of the other apps such as Plenty of Fish, he advises.If things don't look right and it seems as if a Facebook page has only been set up in the last couple of weeks or, indeed, if there is no social-media information available on this person, you may need to be cautious."It takes your assailant by surprise and provides you with a crucial few seconds to break free." 5.Pay attention to Dating Red Flags It's not a good sign if:- Your date is being very cagey or secretive, and is slow to reveal any ordinary personal information, says Harrington.

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