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Grazer hopes The stories use science to explain severe challenges to humanity but also to offer optimism, Grazer says.

With science, “People can learn the problems on the planet — and possibly the solutions to those problems.”Howard discovered "the power of the intersection between science and drama” with 1995’s , which starred Tom Hanks in the true life-or-death story of NASA and its astronauts trying to figure out how to bring a crippled manned spacecraft back to Earth.“When I began to see the way audiences responded to it, I began to understand that science was a source of power,” he says.

and look at it from a storyteller’s eye,” Howard says. Let’s find the heroism."Grazer and Howard, executive producers of the project, considered more than 100 scientific topics, whittling the field and shaping the subjects with the help of National Geographic archives and research, along with the scientific resources of partner GE.

True to form, Grazer was assigned his own cubicle, but happened upon an empty vice-president's office, and moved into that instead.

When he dropped out of law school, he lost the internship.

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Born Brian Thomas Grazer, July 12, 1951, in Los Angeles, CA; married Corki Corman (divorced); married Gigi Levangie, 1997 (separated, April, 2006); children: Sage (daughter; from first marriage), Riley (son; from first marriage), Thomas, Patrick (from second marriage).

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