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I invite you to click on the “Best of The Geo Christian” link at the top of this page to read more, or to go to my most recent posts.

Grace and Peace, Kevin N (The Geo Christian) Kent Hovind (a.k.a. Dino”) is a well-known young-Earth creationist speaker.

But his scientific reasoning is even screwier than his legal reasoning.

If there is any C-14 found at all, it will defeat the geologic column with its “Age of dinosaurs” ending millions of years ago. Sooner or later, someone will do a carbon-14 test on dinosaur soft tissue.” I was thinking there has already been at least one study that tested dinosaur bones for carbon-14.

Bob Enyart keeps a list of objects containing carbon-14 that should have none, such as coal, diamonds and other “dinosaur-era” fossils. The world’s leading scientists are less scientific than this pastor in Denver. They were totally surprised (see the reactions in yesterday’s post).

A few years ago, he spoke with famous dinosaur hunter Jack Horner, who was the inspiration for the scientist in , he refused the generous grant and donation to his museum. Enyart keeps lists of predictions by creation scientists, many of which have been confirmed. His lists also show that from dinosaurs has already been found, contrary to what the reporters on the current story are saying.

You can contact me at geochristianblog [at] gmail [dot] com. , a new middle school Earth Science textbook from Novare Science and Math.

If you are looking for an Earth Science textbook that honors God’s Word as authoritative, does not advocate the young-Earth interpretation of Genesis, and promotes stewardship of the Earth, then this is the curriculum for you.

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