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(See Eve.) Fathers of the church declared that the original sin was perpetuated through all generations by every woman, through sexual conception and birth-giving. Without the myth of Eve's defiance, there would have been no sin, hence no need for salvation or savior. You can rely on it to be witty and compulsively readable." The Philadelphia Inquirer m t i THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS BARBARAG. (See Sheila-Na-Gig.) However, what Christian histories rarely admit is that, after more than a thousand years of alternate violence and guile, the western world still was not truly Christianized. Perhaps the first substantial feminist-oriented encyclopedia of the history of modern society." The Denver Post "A vast and detailed resource on women's history . She sees the restoring of the goddess to her rightful place as an essential healing act for women and our whole culture ... The myths and secrets of women's spiritual past were buried, just as men buried the sheila-na- gig figures of semi-pagan Irish churches, hoping they would never be found. The reader can decide to seek further information either for direct expatiation or simply for general interest. An unusual aspect of this encyclopedia is its marginal notations. First, since so many terms appear in different languages and different historical eras, variant spellings are given in the margin to show their cross-cultural associations. The rest of the publication data is in the Bibliography, which is arranged alphabetically by author. (See Kingship.) Today's schol- ars habitually call all female and male deities of that ancient world "gods," as they also call humanity "man." Yet the supreme deity of that world was usually a Goddess, the creatress or Mother of the gods; and the very word "man" used to mean "woman," an incarnation of the same lunar Mother, in its original language. The customary differentiation between see and see also does not appear in this book. Wallis Budge, Gods of the Egyptians, volume 2, page 47. (See Motherhood.) Such basic biological rights of the female were set aside by patriarchal human societies although, at the dawn of history, the social role of male begetters was very differently conceived, in'a way alien to modern patriarchal thought. This is a feminist-scholar's gold mine and a browsers delight." Los Angeles Times "Whoever ventures into this . Harshest of all were the Heavenly Father's punishments: a terrible vision of eternal torture developed out of men's fears. Walker has distilled 20 years of research into an absorbing treasure house. book runs the risk of being totally absorbed." Shirley Horner, The New York Times "A mountain of scholarship, a vast mass of supremely documented material . Men were enjoined from the pulpit to instill "the fear of God" into their children through harsh punishments.

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/l l\ From the collection of the ' f d z n o Prelinger v Uibrary t San Francisco, California 2007 The Woman's Encyclopedia f of Myths and Secrets ^ Honored by the London Times Educational Supplement as 1986 "Book of the Year" "Awesomely researched. The Christian hell was the most sadistic fantasy ever to masquerade as fact.

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