Cdx files updating on server

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If you don’t know Python, you may wish to skip the rest.

The query should be very quick regardless of the size of the query. This query is used internally before reading the actual compressed blocks and should be significantly faster.Subset by range query allowing constraints to be specified was also included in this release (see CDX-86 for more information). This release includes improvements to cdxcd to make it work nicely with cdx virtual roots, and includes integration with the other cdx client toolkit including cdxls, cdxsubset and cdxget. This release also includes the cdxcd tool, as described in CDX-69.This release also includes minor aestetic bug fixes that address pathing issues in cdxls, e.g., CDX-29. This release updates the unit tests and test data based on the changes in 0.0.4 and the new behavior of actual product servers.If shell-script programming is not to your taste, and you know Python, then using the CDX Library may be right for you.The CDX Library uses an object-oriented approach to model the contents of a CDX server.

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