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I am not for a second saying that they do not have their opinions.My wife often gives her opinions and I listen to them because she only gives an opinion when she has a point to make – she does not disagree for the point of disagreeing as that’s not the way most Thai girls are.Simple fact: if you go on bus or train in the UK to work in the morning you will you are lucky if you see one or two very attractive girls during your journey, if you travel to work in Bangkok by public transport you are guaranteed to see hundreds of them.Discounting the minute percentage of Thai girls who work in go-go bars and consume lots of alcohol and drugs, Thai girls are really well behaved.The same cannot be said of most European dating websites where the majority of members never even get the offer of date, let alone meet their life partner.One friend (Little Nick) used to be addicted to this site, in particular getting the girls to send semi-nude photographs to him.What I am though saying is that if you decide something important, with which she disagreed, then your Thai partner will not spend the rest of your relationship berating you for taking a decision she does not agree with.A Thai lady will support your decisions, even the poor ones, because she knows that if she doesn’t then you are guaranteed to fail in whatever it is you are doing.

What I have though seen is some of my friends mistreating their Thai partners and destroying their relationships, which is when problems of this kind started.I could carry on with more reasons why you should date a Thai girl – there are lots – and I could post more pictures of beautiful Thai girls (several of our readers, particularly Chris, have asked for this), however, I am not going to do any of these things. Thai Love Lines is absolutely free to join but you need to pay a fee (a small one because it has to be affordable for lower earning Thai people) if you want to use what they describe as their premium features, like the ability to access the ‘private photographs’ and engage in live IM conversations with the girls.My friends who have joined this site have all had offers of dates.For all the talk of sexual equality in the Western World just how many woman in the West would have the first idea of what even goes into concrete, let alone how to actually mix it. There are over 300,000 Thai women with profiles on this site and they come in all shapes and sizes.The proof is in the pudding (or should that be the 4:2:1 mix) when it comes to the breaking down of the gender roles in the work place. You still need to be realistic, a women half your age and a third of your weight is unlikely to make a suitable life partner, but still for the majority of us Westerners we will never find a girl in our home country half as desirable as the ones listed on this website.

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