Dating nightmare stories

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Below are some upsetting, embarrassing, and generally terrible online dating tales SELF readers experienced IRL.

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Every day he charted his height, weight, what he ate that day, what he weighed, what he read, watched, who he talked to, etc. When I found him on Facebook later that night—after we hooked up—I realized he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. " -Ellen, 22"A group of us went to Miami for spring break, where we used Tinder as a way to figure out where to go each night.

After noticing and commenting on a picture of her daughter, the guy made a comment about how he recently taught his own all about masturbation.

After explaining how uncomfortable and unnecessary telling her that was, the man tried to justify himself by explaining that dads should be the ones to teach their daughters about sexual matters.

But this challenge becomes all the more difficult when the woman you're on a date with is crying because she broke up with her agoraphobic ex.

While this lady probably wouldn't have gotten a second date because of this emotional outburst alone, she decided to seal the deal on this fact by trying to kiss the guy while crying. But for one particular guy, it got weird when a woman he met for dinner took an electronic scale out of her purse to weigh her food before eating it.

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