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If you have ever wanted to witness to a friend, loved one, neighbor, co-worker, or class ..By harmonizing the four Gospels -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- we will study the life of Christ in chronological order, from the first utterances of the angels heralding His birth, to His crucifixion and resurrection.You'll love what Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks will do for your youth talks. Wayne Rice is founder and director of Understanding Your Teenager (UYT), an organization serving parents of teens and pre-teens.He is adjunct professor of youth ministry at Bethel Theological Seminary (San Diego) and at North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls.

Sollten wir uns diese Rezension noch einmal genauer ansehen?In this week’s PODCAST, we break the seal on the parables.As you will hear, Jesus had quite compelling reasons for completely changing His teaching style — from preaching to the masses to huddling with the disciples; from sermons to stories; from proclamation to parables.We are THRILLED to include you in this virtual way as a part of our extended Safe Haven family. kudos to Peter for allowing Mark to include this rather inglorious detail about this darkest hour of Peter’s storied life.

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