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The states now need to evolve new and innovative ways, both extensively and intensively to provide effective secondary schooling to improve cognitive development, enhanced employability and transition to higher education.

In this context some policy suggestions are offered as under. Policy imperatives There are concerted focus and efforts by the Government of India to ensure ‘Education for All’ and availability of affordable vocational education.

However, the poor education level with 70% of the labour force having less than secondary level education poses a challenge for availability of skilled manpower to the growing economy.

Further, only about 10 percent of the labour force has undergone some vocational training viz.

Source: MHRD, available at Board.do, accessed on 14/06/2016 All these states are experiencing youth (15-29 years) bulge.

Without basic skills in place, it is difficult for children to cope with grade level content, and therefore a significant share of them drops out.ITIs, Polytechnics, school vocational education etc. As per U_DISE 2014-15, vocational streams are offered at present only in 2.7 percent schools, a decline from 3.03 percent in 2013-14; enrolment in vocational streams has declined by 44 ____________________________________________________________ [1] Adviser, Skill Development and Employment, NITI Aayog [1] Deputy Director, National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development (NILERD), NITI Aayog Views expressed in this article are personal [1] Flash Statistics-2014-15thousand in absolute numbers at the higher secondary level during 2013-14 to 2014-15.The low level of education forces youth to take up low paid casual jobs or engage in agriculture as disguised unemployed.And for that those moving up from elementary education need to experience quality secondary education to build up entrepreneurship, harness the employment opportunities.Over time as the country is moving towards a higher growth trajectory it would not be desirable or even easy to be young in the labour force and poor education level, which would in effect ferment frustration among the youth and affect the economy.

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