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We decided that if the company wouldn't listen to us and instead force us to wear the panties anyway, we would pack our things and go home. Fortunately, they listened to our opinions and we got to wear something thicker underneath." 1. [ 79, -0] I think they're talking about how they wore string panties for the album jacket picture and then compromised to wearing something thicker for the music video because they're wearing spandex shorts in them. [ 70, -1] I wish people would stop hating on Stellar..[ 366, -5] Just how bad was it that they thought of running away together 2. they're like any other girl group in that they've tried cute, unique concepts too but they've made 0 cents in the past 5 years...It seems that lanka and ronald just can`t get enough of each other. She`s never been fucked so hard before and loves every moment of it.I can`t say i blame him, when you find a horny teen like lanka you don`t want to let her go. She even loves it when he pulls out and explodes all. Take the time to appreciate Jailynn I do to Jailynn everyone in my room and show a little respect by tipping.

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WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.[ 351, -6] I'm sure they want to quit but can't because of their contracts... I don't support sexy concepts myself but just don't call them sluts or prostitutes.I bet their hearts dropped when they heard their company ask them to dance in those ㅜㅜ now when I see these groups, I don't think they're dirty but rather feel bad for them 3. I assure you that their music is good so please just close your eyes and give 'Marionette' and 'Mask' a listen.) 14t PM 41 token (If you don't throw a tip in there, I may not be able to get to you. Jailynn: After I see the tips I add Jailynn exclusive friend and you will see everything and talk directly with me.

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