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They are so scared of ballooning up that they end up spinning their wheels for months and years before seeing the light or just giving up altogether.

A FFB gets on a popular bodybuilding forum, spends lot of time lurking and learning the fundamentals of building a killer physique.

Subconsciously, he doesn’t want to repeat his last mistake of gaining too quickly so he starts to increase his activity outside of training. He parks further away from campus to get some extra walking in.

Guess what happens; his supposed caloric surplus has now become his maintenance intake.

So now that he’s been on a diet for the last two weeks, the water has dropped and the end result is only about a net gain of 1-2lbs.

Once I got into athletics I turned into a husky boy and eventually graduated to a FFB.

It was an interesting experience to say the least and I learned a lot from being the fat kid growing up.

Now that we know what a FFB is, let’s get into the darker corners of the minds of these unique souls.

Since you are here, I would argue that you are likely interested in changing your body composition for the better (or maybe you’re here for some lame humor? You are likely interested in looking great naked and thus being proud of what you have accomplished aesthetically.

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