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Dating a guitar built before 1977 usually requires contacting Gibson for assistance.Just like vintage cards and classic baseball cards, guitars can be very, very old.The serial number runs parallel to the neck on the Explorer and Firebird.Continue Reading In Gibson's modern serial number scheme, the serial number's first five digits correspond to the instrument's date of manufacture.It was decided upon to use "Orville" as the new brand name, dedicating the brand to the founding father.As it was decided that someof these guitars would be equipped with Japanese-made pickups and some with USA-made pickups, they decided to include the post-script "by Gibson" for themodels that had pickups of American origin.This Article is designed to assist in dating and/or identifying instruments manufactured or distributed by Gibson Guitar Corp.

There should be a space after the 1st digit with the 4 and 5 digit serial numbers, and no space with the 6 digit numbers.

The sixth number is now a batch number- batch 0 starts at the beginning of the day, and once we stamp 699, the batch number will change to 1.

The first 5 numbers remain the same, the last 3 numbers will remain the same.

Gibson stamps serial numbers on all its guitars on the back of the instrument's headstock.

The number is printed perpendicular to the instrument's neck on guitars with "book" headstocks such as the SG and Les Paul.

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