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This Program was adapted from an original project downloaded from codeplex by the name of "Handbrake Batch Encoder" ( and authored by the username "buzzby".

After attempting to contact the original author to submit code changes, and being unable to do so, I assume that the original project is dead.

The series is all in the 4:3 aspect ratio, and it's in 480i SDTV format.

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I replied to the OP using the casual "rip" reference he used, assuming he had already somehow (poorly) ripped the DVD and was trying to convert the rip to multi-purpose episode files with Handbrake.Each thread usually has references and links to others, as in this example.Note Handbrake in itself cannot properly rip commercial DVD sets: for that you also need a decrypter, as Baldrick mentioned.If same problem then try other dvd to mp4 converters like vidcoder(based on handbrake), staxrip.Handbrake is beloved by the geeks, but is a total honking PITA if you are a casual user with no tech education who just wants to rip a decent file.

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