Indiana department of education dating violence

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“We have normalized violence to such a degree that we don’t even see it unless it’s extreme,” Yeakles said.

“We accept power and discriminatory power based on gender, on race and on sexual orientation.

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Indiana ranks higher in teen dating violence than the national average, according to the Adolescent Dating Violence in Indiana study conducted by Ball State University and the Northeast Indiana Area Health Education Center.

The TTOP is also aiming to present in public schools this coming year, along with making more students aware of the program.

ICADV has also made more strides to prevent teen dating violence, such as beginning the Youth Advisory Council.

ICADV has also worked with the YWCA, Boys & Girls Club and other community organizations to have discussions and make sure respectful behavior conversations happen, even at an early childhood level.

This may also include abuse, harassment, and stalking via electronic devices such as cell phones and computers, and harassment through a third party, and may be physical, mental, or both.

INDIANAPOLIS– On Monday, April 12, Governor Mitch Daniels will hold a ceremonial signing for“Heather’s Law,” a bill designed to encourage schools to effectively address issues of dating violence.

Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 316 is named for Heather Norris, who was brutally murdered by her estranged high school boyfriend in 2007.

Although some teens want to leave their violent relationship, Yeakle said some are scared to go to friends, family or other adults.

“We’ve (adults) been a little less sensitive when it comes to teens because we’re used to telling minors what we need to do,” she said.

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