Is ryan scheckler dating taylor

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As the host of the evening, the “Hannah Montana” hottie took home three of the four awards she was up for, losing out to the Jonas Brothers in the Choice Music: Single category.

He’s not the typical guy you’d expect to encounter while playing a round of golf, but Kevin Federline looked natural enough at Ryan Sheckler’s X Games Celebrity Skins Classic held yesterday (July 29).

The fan-favourite ceremony's host, Paul Blart: Mall Cop actor-comedian Kevin James, kicked off the show by performing a hip-hop dance routine as Adam Sandler serenaded him from above while dressed as an angel and fountains of green slime spontaneously gushed on the first few rows of the audience.

James said more than 115 million votes were received this year.

this guy has a life to kill for, I'v watched every episode and was stoked when i seen season one previews and was stoked but soon was sadly let down.

All this guy does is complain about how bad his life is and how no girls will date him,well for those of you who have not been the dew action tour let me clue you in,every girl at these events is in love with him and wait at his hotel for him,now I'm sure 95% of these girls are not dating material but for him to say he cant find a girl couldn't be further from the truth.

Parents need to know that this reality series about teen celebrity skateboarder Ryan Sheckler is among the tamer of MTV's offerings.

"I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world," said Gomez.

Skateboarding, family, friendship, and dating are central themes of the show, and divorce is also prominently discussed (Ryan's parents have split).

Despite his fame, Ryan's very grounded and hardworking.

Hes buying a house at 18 that most of us could never afford,he has a range rover and several other cars,but yet he still finds stuff to complain about,now i know money doesn't buy happiness but it sure helps,bottom line is this show either portrays Ryan in a bad light through editing or this guy is what we see on TV an ungrateful spoiled brat, has already jumped the shark.

Though the 2008 Teen Choice Awards don’t hit the airwaves until tonight at 8pm EST on FOX, we already have the list of the night’s winners - and Gossip Girl, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus all took home some serious surfboards!

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