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Well, not really, she convinces him to go back to school by becoming his first friend.Add in a male class representative who walks around in a horned helmet, and a half-Japanese female class representative who insists on speaking mangled English, and Fujimura finds himself the only sane man in a world full of cloudcuckoolanders.He didn't utilize his harem resource (I'm fucking burning in all kinds of places with envy). It was going so well - I thought he would get another member in his harem-that !!!I think it was actually not meant to happen but would've appreciated a bit if the MC actually responded to girls a bit more, nvm. (Not before being completely raped, ass-fucked & ,hypothetically speaking, DPed too by her) The chapter itself was a nightmare (for me & MC alike- all the worst possible dreams actually coming true! Besides, I thought I'd get a bit more laughs out of this but oh well, it ended anyway.

Both protagonists are considered delinquent students. A lone male Tsukkomi, who once lived a peaceful life, is dragged into a (mostly female) world of boke.

Feared by his classmates since the first day of high school, he's had no friends and usually ditches class. (Actually, he's more like the tsukkomi in a world of boke.)Umm...

But even his standoffish nature can't hold up when a class representative with a few screws loose comes after him! I'm not really sure what to think of this shit that I've been reading for a whole day from ch-1 to 90.

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-both MC's are delinquent-type characters and are treated as such. -you will laugh, a lot actually when Both manga series has a similar feeling with the artwork, style, and the way it presents itself.

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