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Change the permissions on the folder and retry the upload, or cancel and then upload the file to a different folder. You can share with other Nextcloud users and groups, and create public share links.All files (that you have permission to access) on your Nextcloud server are displayed in your Android app, but are not downloaded until you click on them. If your Nextcloud server administrator has enabled username auto-completion, when you start typing user or group names they will auto-complete.

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Remove account logs you out of the server, removes your account settings, and removes your files from your Android device. There is no logout function that simply logs out of your account and leaves all your files on your Android device.

The first time you run your Nextcloud Android app it opens to a configuration screen.

Enter your server URL, login name, password, and click the Connect button.

Tap the file to retry, and you’ll get a login screen to enter the new credentials.

If the upload fails because you’re trying to upload to a folder that you do not have permission to access, you will see a “Permissions error”.

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