Muriman sex

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She signed a citizens arrest warrant sometime around 3AM last night after calling cops, accusing Merriman of battery and false imprisonment at Merriman's house.

San Diego Charger Merriman's been taken into police custody; Tequila went to the hospital and was recently released. They certainly didn't have a problem holding out on Ben Roethlisberger's rape allegations.

In August 1990, for example, defendant mentioned a photograph Katrina had sent him, indicating that he wanted to “play with the toys you must have under that buttercup suit.” In February 1991, defendant asked Katrina for more photographs “of ․ your fine self so I have something to drool over and think about touching up one great day.” In March 1992, defendant wrote to Katrina after she had visited him in prison, saying, “You know deep down inside you enjoy[ed] saying I was ‘your’ long lost locked-up hubby ․, secret lover but a real faithful ‘boyfriend .’ “ In the same letter, defendant apologized for his “crude and rude but lewd sexual gestures” during the visit and promised next time “not to toss you around like one of them blowup sex dolls.”From these and defendant's other letters it can be inferred that Katrina had sent defendant revealing photographs of herself, and that she had had physical contact with him during a prison visit.

But the correspondence also suggested that Katrina had told defendant she wanted to resume her relationship with Mitch Sutton and that she considered defendant only a friend, which were sentiments that appeared to both confuse and anger defendant.

According to Scott Porcho, one of SHD's founding members and a friend of both defendant and Katrina, it was common knowledge that defendant expected Katrina would be his girlfriend after he was released from prison.

Porcho's wife at that time, Apryl, also was close to Katrina.

Maybe she will act a little less annoying going forward.

Meanwhile, between January 1990 and March 1992, Katrina was corresponding and conversing with defendant on a regular basis while he was in custody in various juvenile detention facilities and in state prison.

They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

, which is what many a sports and pop culture fan are doing sometime during or after reading about this one.

"He's a little bit more honest than others." So, if you're keeping score ...

Trump has Merriman, Brady, Herschel Walker, Dana White and Mike Tyson.

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