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The Ice Truck Killer investigation has been referenced throughout the course of the series, but now he returns as a strong personification of his Dark Passenger, urging Dexter for his kills.

Dexter manages to fight off this apparition in favor of Light, however another character named Louis Greene appears to have some connection to ITK and has a very strong fascination in his brother, Dexter Morgan.

This left him mentally scarred and gave him very strong inclinations toward homicidal acts.

Unlike Dexter, he did not have the guidance of Harry Morgan along with the Code of Harry to prevent him from killing the innocent.

Even back then around other people he could have a different personality, except then it was him only feeling comfortable around his brother Dexter and his mother Laura Moser.

He was and has always been very fond of his brother, caring for him with a bond that cannot be broken despite whatever problems the two of them might have.

) was a Character in DEXTER, introduced during the show's debut season.

In the season finale, Brian is revealed to be Dexter Morgan’s biological older brother, and the son of Laura Moser. It is never specified whether or not Joe Driscoll is Brian's father.

He still held onto the memory of his brother but at this point, he needed to secure a life for himself so Brian proceeded to the Sorbonne in Paris where he learned extensively about the human form.

Essentially Dexter chose this method more to get rid of the evidence, easier to stuff them in individual bags to dispose of...however, it is likely that he may have subconsciously chosen dismemberment due to witnessing his mother's murder in the same way Brian did.

The difference between Brian and Dexter is the method of cutting each body part such as choosing much more individual pieces as well as making them even, symmetrical portions.

Brian suffers from early-onset sociopathic behavior, as most sociopaths seem to bud in their teen years, like his brother.

Brian as a child was a very shy, reserved little boy with a quiet nature about him.

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