Pay for sex in sasol

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But the documentary does not shine enough light on the women who need this bill the most, women like “Ann” or other children.

Headline earnings per share dropped to R41,40 and Sasol declared a dividend of R9,10 for the second half, down 21% from last year and an interim dividend of R5,70 per share.Paying for Sex, a one-off Reality Bites documentary, takes into account the stories of Rachel Moran and Kate Mc Grew, as they both campaign on opposing sides for the Sexual Offences Bill, which will make it illegal to pay for sex in Ireland.Moran is a former teen sex worker and the author of Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution, and she wants to see this new bill cross the finishing line.The chemicals group’s bottom line was also hampered by concerns over escalating costs at the group’s Lake Charles ethane cracker and chemical plant in the US which Sasol has ploughed R42,2 billion into for the year – more than half of the group’s total capital expenditure for the year.The project is set to cost Sasol billion (R160,2 billion), around 25% more than the ,9 billion (R129,6 billion) it signed off on in 2014.

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