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Considering what people are used to in the 335-type class of guitar it is in, it’s an awful lot of sweet sounding guitar for the money.

I recently purchased a lefty Carvin Ac 175 on e-bay ,but the picture looks like a Ac 375(so I'm hoping I got a great deal,on a 375) anyway my question is, does Carvin keep past records so they can look up the serial # and tell me how this guitar was ordered?

Of course, many other players commented on the instrument’s beauty, as well.

In summary, when I consider the soulfulness of this guitar and its quality of construction and finish, I am amazed that an American company’s custom shop can offer it with so many options at such a low price – 99 shipped direct.

The “Rapid Play” 25-inch scale length neck had a profile that was a little different but comfortable to me within minutes.

The action was about as low as I would take it but there was no buzzing with any of the 22 medium-jumbo frets and I couldn’t find any dead spots.

I checked the intonation straight out of the case and it was spot on.

There are certainly lighter guitars out there, but I suspect few players approach this style of guitar and expect it to weigh much less.

The tone knob pulls out for a coil-splitting option that I found useful.The results are noticeable – we’re talking ultra-consistent low action. I took it out for a night of romping at one of Nashville''s better known blues sit-in spots and waited for an hour to get up.I could really feel the notes vibrating in my left hand as I strolled from room to room. From the first couple of notes I found the guitar to be intuitive and toneful with a wide variety of dynamic response.But the cost of having a contractor manually type in thousands and thousands of guitars with all the options would be extremely expensive.There's no reason at all we wouldn't want to share ths data with people - it's just a matter of cost and time. Recent orders are in the computer, but that system hasn't been in place that long (we have been building guitars for 60 years, after all).

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