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Com gives you maximum information on the products being offered by Banks under Home Loan category.Prospective customers will be in a position to compare and analyze various parameters of the Home Loan product before taking any Get Home Get Loan.Creating great pre-roll video is both an Art & Science and not something you want to just hand over to your “video guy”. If you can overcome this barrier to entry and your competitors can’t, pre-roll video will remain a big marketing opportunity for years to come.After dropping "So Many Pros", the latest cut off BUSH, Snoop Dogg's upcoming collaborative album with Pharrell, last night, Snoop gives us the new video right away.How can you possibly cut through all the noise, clutter and chatter and grab your audience’s attention? Find your hook, tease it, and give your audience a reason to keep watching. There are two lines of thought on how to get your viewer to stay away from the dreaded “skip” button.


What, not to make your family, man and provide for your children?

Telling a great story in a short amount of time can be very difficult. Be a bit “weird.” Start off with something that maybe has nothing to do with the product or service you’re selling.

So, another great option is to do something interesting and different. Remember the goal is to get people to stick around after the five second mark just to see where the heck this is going. Here’s a great example of doing something different. The biggest obstacle to using video, just as other types of content marketing, is you need to have a very good, if not great video.

Hopefully you’ve figured out who you want to target and how much you want to spend. This is where the process gets a little complicated. One is good storytelling, the other is, well, “be different.” Good storytelling is subjective.

There are over 300 hours of video uploaded to You Tube every minute of every day. When your video/ad pops up, you only have five seconds to hook your viewer. What can you do in five seconds, to make your target viewer interested enough to see where the story goes?

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