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The students will receive a double masters degree in psychotherapy and psychotraumatology to German standards, and training from both local and German professors.

After some initial training, students will start working with patients in clinics and camps to garner practical experience – and provide some immediate help.

Kizilhan translates as the oldest boy, Adham, tells how he and his family escaped the Islamic State in November, but his fear remains.

“They beheaded someone in front of me in the market in Tal Afar,” said the 14-year-old.

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Casualty estimates vary widely, but the United Nations has called the Islamic State assault genocide, saying the Yazidis’ “400,000-strong community had all been displaced, captured or killed.” Of the thousands captured by IS, boys were forced to fight for the extremists, men were executed if they didn’t convert to Islam – and often executed in any case – and women and girls were sold into slavery.Among those chosen, Naji Haji, himself a Yazidi who escaped from Sinjar, has an undergraduate degree in psychology and has already been working in refugee camps for an NGO.He hopes the program will give him the additional skills to help in complicated cases.DOHUK, Iraq– It’s been less than two weeks since Perwin Ali Baku escaped the Islamic State group, after more than two years in captivity, bought and sold from fighter to fighter and carted from Iraq to Syria and then back again.When a door slams, the 23-year-old Yazidi woman flashes back to her captors locking away her 3-year-old daughter, captured with her, to torment her.

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