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however, i don't think they should be rewarded musically and given other opportunities if they are all about promoting poor examples of black women across the globe. r.: (laughs) throughout my career, i wouldn't say my roles have been based on my being considered eye candy.the images they portray of black women severely misinform other cultures who listen to hip-hop and watch those videos about our women. what i will say is that my ability to bring different characters to life is what has helped me advance in my was extremely refreshing to hear a man in his position speak so passionately about his awareness of setting positive examples for others as well wanting to make the people closest to him in his life proud.he also backs up what he says by taking action through his non profit @blackgents which is a social organization for african american men in the entertainment great detail lamman told me a story about a guy who recently expressed how much lamman has influenced him and how his positive image has not gone’s one thing to have the admiration from the females which he is very used to, but it was much more profound coming from another man and people of all ages and races.for me the lesson is to be in rhythm with the present and live in the moment so you always know where you're coming from and what you're trying to accomplish. he provides free medical services to the residents of mr.i know applying this will only strengthen my integrity as an artist and person. brown's home he’s transformed into a small quaint geriatric dwelling filled with quirky characters. Meet the browns follows the misadventures of tyler perry’s beloved leroy brown.

so not only must this young guy adapt to an older generation but to their athletic prowess. if you are good at what you do and stay committed to the craft and go about things the right way, i firmly believe that not only is the universe going to take care of you and god will reward you, but more than anything, you actually have more control over your destiny.

it allows studios to cross-promote an artist from the big screen to the soundtrack.

honestly, i have mixed feelings because hip-hop artists should have the right to pursue their interests as an actor.

just because you are not at the top of the headlines anymore doesn’t mean you have fallen off or you are not as good as you once used to be,” said lamman.“i consider it part of my obligation and responsibility and a privilege to make sure that i’m setting a very positive and strong example of a young black man.

celebrities who say they don’t want that are being selfish, you know? some people are lazy and some people i get may not want that cross to bear to raise someone’s children. so you’re just as much being a role model for somebody your own age as you are for somebody half your age.”.

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