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I have changed it slightly so it loops 10,000 times and I execute it 10 times for sample size.Disabled Enabled 0.61909653 2.105066913 0.619555829 2.106865363 0.620805767 2.106866315 0.625528325 2.102403315 0.625319976 2.0991179 0.621287448 2.105103142 0.621540236 2.101392665 0.624537531 2.106866716 0.620401789 2.109004449 There is one important thing to know about screen updating which I didn’t see in any previous answer., Excel and VBA expert Curt Frye introduces object-oriented programming and shows how to automate routine tasks and provide custom functionality to enhance Excel performance and efficiency.This course introduces the Visual Basic for Applications programming language, covers creating subroutines and functions to hold code, and provides a solid grounding in the Excel 2007 object model.

You won't be able to see what the macro is doing, but it will run faster.

One thing you may want to do with your macro to make it run faster and to prevent distracting flashes on the screen is to turn off screen updating while the macro is running.

The following macro lines will, respectively, turn off screen updating and then turn it back on in a VBA macro.

AHK is happy to about its business behind that progress bar, and suits me OK.

But I remember the last time I did any of this stuff was on an Atari 400, with state of the art cassette player for storage device and I could POKE a value into a registry to stop screen updating and then turn it ON again. According to the MSDN page in the links above, you would do it as follows.

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