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Thank you so much for making it such a big success. Bob the Llama had his recording session yesterday, and I hope to have our new weekly video done and posted by Saturday, March 4. I’m late in loading the glossary from the book to the website. There are more than a thousand terms and I have to load each one individually. I’ve now uploaded three of eight free chapters in the FREE section. These are chapters I’ve revised, but aren’t in the 9th edition of the printed version of the book because they aren’t chapters everyone reads, and the only way I could get the page count of the new edition to anything even close to reasonable was to make these chapters free on the website. I updated the FREE chapters on premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and pain during sex.

These are now identical to the chapters in the new 9th edition. This month, I will be uploading chapters on birth control and STIs to the website, so I can provide you with easy links to the CDC and to the websites of the companies that make contraceptives.

That’s when I learned there are not only male and female anemones, but a small number of hermaphrodite anemones as well.

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Field testing is currently being done with results that are almost as good as if a man went to a fertility lab and had his semen examined in person. Sperm Schrader for the alert, to Gabby Bess for her post in Broadly, and to Dr. Making babies in Japan has become a challenge for many couples.

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The Leavenworth County Health Department is currently updating and revising its Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Plan.

The Plan has been developed to prepare for the public health agency's activities prior to and following a bioterrorism event or other public health emergency.

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