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If we do so, we should have 30162 in train and 15060 in test.

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In conclusion, our studies support the possibility that not only danazol but also several other upstream pituitary sex hormones could be employed to treat aplastic disorders and irradiation syndromes.

In particular, from a mechanistic view we were interested in whether this effect depends on stimulation of BM-residing stem cells or is mediated through the BM microenvironment.

Materials and Methods To address this issue, normal 2-month-old C57Bl6 mice were exposed or not to daily injections of PMSG (10 IU/mice/10 days), LH (5 IU/mice/10 days), FSH (5 IU/mice/10 days), danazol (4 mg/kg/10 days) and PRL (1 mg/day/5days).

Unlike Random Forests, you can’t simply build the trees in parallel.

XGBoost, however, builds the tree itself in a parallel fashion.

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