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this what the scammer sent me on my facebook page via a private message, so i unfriended him.

plus the face of whoever this is is not shown; it is cut off so u cannot see it. i just got the same thing too it was from a friend on my list but re sent me a request didnt understand then the questions started if you send 1500 we can send you 50,000 yeah sure i said ok what do i need he said western union i said ok report you lol so i blocked and reported the page they are going threw using I just got the same scam.

I thought I was communicating with a former colleague, but was suspicious, so I called her. I hadn't been communicating with her at all.i got the message from a Bobby Chalton and read the pitch and declined.

I also received a "new" friend request from an existing friend.

He is posing as an officer in the US Army stationed in Afghanistan.I have rec'd two such requests now and they have minimal history on them.Jeffrey Jones is a Nigerian Scammer using face book to gain access to women to scam them out of their money!i want you to know that your winning prize is 100% real and legit and the United state FBI is also aware of this lottery so i will like to know if you are fully ready to claim your winning prize ?you dont even bother to get hot photo what type of penny any scam are you running i will need to contact face book about this let me have your name and phone number and i will get back to you i guess you really are a scammer as i suspected Chat Conversation Endt is Federal Government that is helping a lot of people both young and old in the community and the name was picked randomly and I saw your name on the federal govt winner list when i was giving my signature that is why i want to know if you have got your own win money too.

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