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He had a little crush on me and was hitting me up on Twitter nonstop. Now I’m going to tell you what makes it so special…I think he was talking about wanting to know what my lips taste like and stuff.” After showing the clip, Bow Wow freshened up and got prepared for round two. I went to her crib and kissed her but then she came to my house on a whole ‘nother network and kissed me again. Cut whatever it is out of your life so you can fly.

Not every celebrity can say he's gone on a date with Tyra Banks. During a September episode of “Ellen” the rapper admitted that he once went on a date with the 39-year-old supermodel to Disneyland. Cut whatever it is out of your life so you can fly. I've said, "Adios, boo" to the catwalk and now I mentor others (on Top Model and off) to work the runway but I still feel like a new woman after cutting my hair. Not being afraid to say GOODBYE, SAYONARA, ADIOS, to things (like modeling careers) because there can be so many better things on the horizon (like starting your own company with your own bank$signs). Let the old go (Buh-Bye) and make room for the new (Hello, new life!!! The romantic moment had some people wondering if Tyra and Bow Wow had started dating.The two celebrities haven’t confirmed or denied their relationship but it appears that the romance is strictly for television.

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