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* * @returns an unique alpha-numeric string */ function next Uid() /** * Set or clear the hashkey for an object. truthy to delete the hashkey) */ function set Hash Key(obj, h) /** * @ngdoc function * @name angular.extend * @module ng * @function * * @description * Extends the destination object `dst` by copying all of the properties from the `src` object(s) * to `dst`. This function is useful when writing code in the * functional style. */ function is Undefined(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Defined * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a reference is defined. Unlike `typeof` in Java Script, `null`s are not * considered to be objects. */ function is Object(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name String * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a reference is a `String`. * * Both objects or values are of the same type and all of their properties are equal by * comparing them with `angular.equals`. * * During a property comparison, properties of `function` type and properties with names * that begin with `$` are ignored. is Array(o2)) return false; if ((length = o1.length) == o2.length) function to Json Replacer(key, value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Json * @module ng * @function * * @description * Serializes input into a JSON-formatted string. */ function from Json(json) function to Boolean(value) /** * @returns Returns the string representation of the element.* ```js function transformer(transformation Fn, value) ; ``` */ function identity($) identity.$inject = []; function value Fn(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Undefined * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a reference is undefined. * * Scope and DOMWindow objects are being compared only by identify (`===`). Properties with leading $ characters will be * stripped since angular uses this notation internally. * @param pretty If set to true, the JSON output will contain newlines and whitespace. */ function to Json(obj, pretty) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Json * @module ng * @function * * @description * Deserializes a JSON string. */ function starting Tag(element) ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /** * Tries to decode the URI component without throwing an exception.The ID is a sequence of alpha numeric * characters such as '012ABC'. This function can be useful when writing code in the * functional style. */ function is Number(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Date * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a value is a date. Supports value types, regular * expressions, arrays and objects.The reason why we are not using simply a number counter is that * the number string gets longer over time, and it can also overflow, where as the next Id * will grow much slower, it is a string, and it will never overflow. ```js function foo(callback) ``` */ function noop() noop.$inject = []; /** * @ngdoc function * @name angular.identity * @module ng * @function * * @description * A function that returns its first argument. */ function is Defined(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Object * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a reference is an `Object`. * @returns True if `value` is an `Object` but not `null`. */ function is String(value) /** * @ngdoc function * @name Number * @module ng * @function * * @description * Determines if a reference is a `Number`. * * Two objects or values are considered equivalent if at least one of the following is true: * * * Both objects or values pass `===` comparison. But we consider two regular expressions as equal when their textual * representation matches). */ function equals(o1, o2) { if (o1 === o2) return true; if (o1 === null

* * It is worth noting that `Each` does not iterate over inherited properties because it filters * using the `has Own Property` method. */ function is Function(value) /** * Determines if a value is a regular expression object. * * @private * @param obj Object to check * @returns True if `obj` is a window obj.* * */ function angular Init(element, bootstrap) /** * @ngdoc function * @name angular.bootstrap * @module ng * @description * Use this function to manually start up angular application.* * See: * * Note that ng Scenario-based end-to-end tests cannot use this function to bootstrap manually. * * Angular will detect if it has been loaded into the browser more than once and only allow the * first loaded script to be bootstrapped and will report a warning to the browser console for * each of the subsequent scripts.I don't really know if this is an issue with protractor itself, but I have some code which allows me to select options by value and it works in firefox, chrome, and phantomjs (have not tested with IEDriver).You can muck with it to get it to do exactly what you want, but its pretty easy to see what's going on.

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