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Juraj has over twenty years’ experience of working as a leader with very broad experiences from political revolution to international media and advertising industry.

During Velvet Revolution in 1989 which ends a communist era in former Czechoslovakia, he was one of the key persons in Student Movement who have started the process of democratization and established the new post-revolution government in Slovakia.

In 1992, he started his career as a creative director for major global advertising agencies which started their operations in Czech and Slovak republics.

In 1996 he founded MADE BY VACULIK - one of the leading independent advertising agencies in the CEE region, extending its reach to over 30 countries.

Douglas sees in Aero Mobil a credible personal transportation solution which rediscovers the joys of the open road and independent freedom.

He is looking forward to playing a part in the exciting future of Aero Mobil and the continued development of a world class business that can push technologies, materials and components towards future product innovation and the deliver of truly inspiring vehicles.

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As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car.

Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. Aero Mobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors to real door-to-door travel.

The current flying car prototype Aero Mobil 3.0 incorporates significant improvements and upgrades to the previous pre-prototype Aero Mobil 2.5.

Juraj acts as an angel investor in numerous projects in Europe and the US.

Stefan Klein is a co-founder and Chief Product Architect of Aero Mobil.

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