Ways men test women theyre dating

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These mistakes are the cause of a lot of unnecessary hurt and pain between partners.It is also the most common reason a person calls an Ask Mars Venus coach.(Okay, "think" is a bit of a stretch.) If you try to change men or just don't get them, you'll be stymied -- but if you accept how they are and forgive them and work with them, you will have enormous power and effectiveness. Well, the good news is, it means completely different things to different men -- but it almost always involves a combination of face, and body shape and size. Many men in our culture like slender, athletic female figures -- some men really do, and some say they do, because they are ashamed of admitting anything else to their male peer group. But many men in our culture do not want a slender woman: they want someone with riper curves, someone who is larger, more "Rubenesque." Some men like pear-shaped women; some men like inverted pears. And some men don't really care that much about body size or shape. Ralph may hate a lot of makeup on a woman, while Shawn considers it a turn-on. Even in the realm of extremely good-looking celebrities, you will find a whole gamut of opinions. (Fortunately, many of them don't toe the evolutionary line anyway--apparently their wiring has come loose.) Take faces, for example.It's clear that we read far more in a face than looks. We look into the eyes of the person we are talking to, and we feel as if we can tell who they are, deep down -- what they value, what they love.Perhaps the most common way to sabotage a relationship in stage two is for a woman to give too much, too soon, sexually.When a man's interest wanes, a woman may hope that she can regain his interest by fulfilling all of his desires.

She may wonder why he is no longer coming on strong like in the attraction stage.

This is not the time to focus on what his needs are or to question whether or not she can give him what he wants.

The man who makes the mistake of focusing on needs in stage two is likely to miss the perfect woman for him.

In stage two, men tend to sabotage relationships in the following ways: Even though she makes him happy!

If he were to delve a little deeper into what is in front of him, he would give himself the opportunity to feel a special connection with his partner.

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    These mistakes are the cause of a lot of unnecessary hurt and pain between partners.

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